Hearing Health

Bulgarr Ngaru self funds an Aboriginal Health Worker who is responsible to screen children and adults for hearing difficulties like Otitis Media

Dave Ferguson is the Health Worker and he conducts ear screenings at the clinic and when he goes out into the community, like attending pre-schools and primary school. Most of the adult ear screening is done at the office in Grafton.

David can refer those children and adults with hearing difficulties to an Audiometrist for specialised treatment and  also has a formal partnership with Hearing Australia who provides hearing aids for those people who have very poor hearing.

In the last year this program screened a total of 300 children at both the clinic and at schools in the area

There has also a total of 100 adults screened to assess their hearing levels as well.

Dave also participates in a coordinated ear screenings at the Grafton Shopping World during Ear Health Week along with staff from the local Grafton Community Health Centre and Hearing Australia.

These partnerships are working really well and is supporting those people who cant afford to have their ears treated or access expensive hearing aids.

We at Bulgarr Ngaru believe we are really making improvements in the quality of people lives including children, who are now able to hear better, learn more and grow into active members of the community.

This program is currently funded wholly by Bulgarr Ngaru and does not receive any financial support from external bodies. We would appreciate any assistance in this area by any forms of financial resources available to support this important local program.

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