Northern NSW Aboriginal Heath Partnership Agreement

Following an Interim Aboriginal Partnership Agreement in 2013, on 10 February 2014, the NNSW LHD Board Chair Brian Pezzutti and Chief Executive Chris Crawford, along with Chief Executives and Board Representatives of Bulgarr Ngaru, North Coast Medicare Local (Now Healthy North Coast), signed the original  Northern NSW Aboriginal Partnership Agreement (NNAPA).

This important Partnership provides a forum of the Board Chairs and Chief Executives of the NNSW LHD, NCML and the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations to work together to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal people across the NNSW LHD.

The work of the Aboriginal Partnership will include:

  • Co-operating in the identification of service gaps and the development of shared solutions.
  • Developing agreed positions relating to Aboriginal health policy, strategic planning, equity in service allocation and distribution of resources and enhancements.
  • Negotiating agreed positions to undertake joint projects.