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Clarence Valley IFBS, PROVIDES AN INTENSIVE TIME LIMITED HOME BASED PROGRAM, for Aboriginal families in the Clarence Valley who are in crisis(including extended family). There are three types of referrals that are eligible for IFBS Intervention.

There are three types of referrals that are eligible for IFBS Intervention

  1. Crisis Intervention
  2. Restoration
  3. Placement Support

IFBS services are provided primarily in the family’s home. Some client contact may occur in the IFBS Office or other community locations that are part of the clients natural environment.  

IFBS support will be goal directed, with a view of achieving definable and measurable improvements in parent/carer strengths, attitudes, behaviour values, skills, knowledge and ability.


In 2014 the NSW Department of Family and Community Services provided funding to Bulgarr Ngaru to implement the IFBS Program.

The IFBS program is based in the Clarence Valley and its role is to try and keep families together, to alleviate child safety concerns that may be impacting the family.

Its core goal is to maintain the family unit when in times of crisis and assist parents in the restoration of their children from Out of Home Care services.

In all working with 30 families over last year, has been very rewarding for both the staff and the parents involved in the program.

During the last financial year of the families that we worked with only one family had children removed.

We have been involved with 44 adults (parents) and 69 children over the past year. But we have helped many families in crisis since opening the doors in 2014.

Helping to keep these families together and provide parents with the tools to be more responsive to their children has been a great achievement of this program.

We continue to have a very high success rate in keeping Aboriginal families safe and together

Bulgarr Ngaru acknowledges and appreciates the support of the local Grafton Community Services Centre and its staff and the funding provided by the Department of Families and Communities Services. (NSW)